Settanni srl at Fiera In Sava   Sava (TA) - Italia

  • 07-04-2016 ↦ 11-04-2016

Carraro Tractors special tractors will be displayed at the booth of the Carraro Tractors authorized dealer **Settanni srl**. We look forward to seeing you at "Fiera di Sava"from 7 to 11 April: SP134 Piazza Mercatale

TMAX Srl at Fiera di Riolo Terme (RA)   Riolo Terme (RA), Italia

  • 08-04-2016 ↦ 10-04-2016

The Carraro Tractors authorized dealer **TMAX Srl** will partecipate in the agricultural fair of Riolo Terme (RA) which will be held in the central square and street of the village of Riolo Terme (RA). Among Carraro tractors displayed, you will surely the Agricube model F100. We are looking...

T&T Company at Fiera Agro-Zootecnica   Canicattini Bagni (Siracusa) - Italia

  • 08-04-2016 ↦ 10-04-2016

Carraro special tractors will be displayed at the “Fiera Regionale Agro-zootecnica” at the booth of Carraro Tractors authorized dealer ** T&T Company Srl**. We are looking forward to seeing you from 8 to 10 April 2016: Foro Boario Canicattini Bagni (SR)

Gatti – tests on the fields Carraro special tractors   Cavriglia, Arezzo

  • 09-04-2016

Do not miss the fields tests organized by the Carraro Tractors authorized dealer **Gatti Macchine Agricole** on 9 April from 9 am! The event will take place at: Azienda Agricola Cosci Antonella e Paolo Località Fontebussi Cavriglia Arezzo

Agricortes at AGRO exhibition   Braga, Portugal

  • 31-03-2016 ↦ 03-04-2016

Also this year **Agricortes**, the Carraro Tractors authorized dealer in Spain and Portugal, will present the Carraro range of special tractors at AGRO fair in Braga (Portugal). We look forward to seeing you from March 31 to April 3 at the biggest agricultural fair in the north of Portugal....

Gatti at Agriumbria exhibition   Bastia Umbra (PG), Italy

  • 01-04-2016 ↦ 03-04-2016

The Carraro Tractors authorized dealer **Gatti Giammario Macchine Agricole** will partecipate in the 48th edition of the national exhibition Agriumbria. For the occasion the following models of Carraro special tractors will be shown: F100 with front lifter and VL100. Visit us at **Hall 9, Booth...

NEW TRACTOR at Fiera dell’Angelo   Borgonovo Val Tidone (PC), Italy

  • 27-03-2016 ↦ 28-03-2016

The Carraro Tractors authorized dealer **New Tractor** will partecipate in Fiera dell’Angelo, the traditional Easter exhibition of Borgonovo Val Tidone (PC), Italy. The **Agricube Orchard tractor F100 with cab** and the **Agricube Low Orchard tractor F90 with special cab** will be displayed. We...

RO.DA & Zanini, together at “Fiera di Lonigo”   Lonigo (Vicenza)

  • 18-03-2016 ↦ 21-03-2016

See the range of Carraro tractors at the booth (140 square meters) of Carraro Tractors authorized dealers: **RO.DA Srl** ( **Zanini Andrea**

Agricube new models of bright red color   Benevento (Italy)

  • 17-03-2016 ↦ 20-03-2016

The Company **Orvema Srl**, Carraro Tractors authorized dealer, will present at San Giuseppe traditional show for the first time **Agricube new models FB90 of bright red color**, together with the usual F100 of gray color. We look forward to seeing you at **Stadium S. Colomba** of Benevento from...

Kögl - Open day in Gamlitz (Austria)   GAMLITZ (AUSTRIA)

  • 19-03-2016 ↦ 20-03-2016

Bussi Agostino at “Fiera Savigliano” (Cuneo – Italy)   Savigliano (Cuneo) - Italia

  • 17-03-2016 ↦ 20-03-2016

Carraro tractors at “Fiera del bestiame”   Ostuni BR (Italy)

  • 18-03-2016

The Company **Settanni**, Carraro Tractors authorized dealer, will participate in “Fiera del bestiame” show in Ostuni (BR), that will take place on 18 March 2016 from 8 am to 1 pm at “Foro Boario”. Do not miss it!

Dalla Longa at Fiera di San Gregorio   Valdobbiadene - TV (Italy)

  • 12-03-2016 ↦ 14-03-2016

On the occasion of the traditional Fair of San Gregorio the Company **Dalla Longa**, the Carraro Tractors authorized dealer, will display the full range of agricultural tractors and equipment. See you in Via Erizzo Valdobbiadene (TV) from 12 to 14 March!

SETTANNI at Pessima fair   Manduria (TA) - Italia

  • 07-03-2016 ↦ 13-03-2016

From 7 to 13 March 2016 the “Fiera Pessima”, the 276th trade fair of Manduria, will take place. At this event will participate the Carraro Tractors authorized dealer, **Settanni srl**. Do not miss it!

Vidotto at “Antica Fiera di Godega”   Godega di Sant’Urbano (TV)

  • 05-03-2016 ↦ 07-03-2016

**Vidotto Giuseppe Macchine Agricole**, authorized Carraro Tractors dealer, will partecipate at the “Antica Fiera di Godega” which will be held from 5 to 7 March in Godega di Sant’Urbano (TV). Agricube tractors FL100 and F100 will be presented. See you there! Via Roma 31010 Godega di Sant’Urbano...

Technical training on Agricube tractor   Campodarsego (PD) - Rovigo

  • 25-02-2016 ↦ 26-02-2016

The technical course on Carraro tractors ended a couple of weeks ago. It involved the following Carraro tractors authorized distributors from Italy and Romania: Dalla Longa Srl Fertimon Boggian Mauro Euro Zone Com New Tractor T&T Company Pirozzi Group The objective of these training sessions I to...

Agricortes at FIMA – International Fair of Agricultural Machinery   Zaragoza, Spain

  • 16-02-2016 ↦ 20-02-2016

**Agricortes**, Carraro tractors authorized dealer, has participated in the International Fair of Agricultural Machinery (FIMA), the biggest event dedicated to agriculture in southern Europe. Many visits to the Agricortes booth where different models of Agricube tractors range were displayed: from...

GATTI presents the updated range of S   Terontola di Cortona, Arezzo

  • 05-12-2015

**Gatti Macchine Agricole,**( ) Carraro Tractors Authorized Dealer, will organize for Saturday, December 5th, the presentation of the Carraro updated range of special tractors for vineyards and orchards, with the two new models of Vigneto Largo Basso and Frutteto Largo. The event will take place...

Carraro Tractors at Agritechnica 2015   Hannover, Germany

  • 08-11-2015 ↦ 14-11-2015

**Carraro Tractors and Carraro After Sales & Spare Parts** for the first time together at the Agritechnica in Hanover (Germany), the world’s leading exhibition for agricultural machinery and equipment, from 8 to 14 November 2015. **Visit us at: Hall 02, Booth C10**

Andrea Zanini at Fiera di San Martino (Verona)   Tregnago, Verona

  • 08-11-2015 ↦ 11-11-2015

**Andrea Zanini**, a Carraro Tractors authorized dealer, will be present at Fiera di San Martino (Tregnago, Verona) from the 8th to the 11th of November. In this occasion some Carraro Tractors will be dislayed: VL100, FB90 and F100. Come and visit us!

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