KZ Agraria at Agra fair 2018   Gornja Radgona, Slovenia

  • 25-08-2018 ↦ 30-08-2018

Marangoni Agricoltura at Fiera di San Lorenzo   Vo' Euganeo, Padova

  • 10-08-2018

Agriboggian at Arata Longa in Notturna (Fiera di Quartesana)   Via Raffaello Sanzio 44019 Voghierra, Ferrara

  • 14-07-2018

Carraro Tractors at Interpoma China 2018   Weihai (China)

  • 28-06-2018 ↦ 29-06-2018

Carraro Tractors will be present at Interpoma China that will take place in Weihai, China, from 28th to 29th June. Interpoma is the Trade Show for apple cultivation, storage and marketing. It is the only event in the industry worldwide. It aims to present the entire process chain from cultivation...

Carraro Tractors at Enovitis in Campo 2018   Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia), Italy

  • 21-06-2018 ↦ 22-06-2018

Carraro Tractors will be present at 2018 edition of Enovitis in Campo, the itinerant Italian dynamic fair dedicated to viticulture technology. The event will take place in the suggestive location of Il Naviglio in Fabbrico countryside (nearby Reggio Emilia city, Italy) from 21 to 22 of june....

Beijing Engineering Technology at Sitevinitech China 2018   Ningxia, Yinchuan (China)

  • 13-06-2018 ↦ 15-06-2018

Agricortes at FNA 2018 exhibition   Santarém, Portugal

  • 02-06-2018 ↦ 10-06-2018

Smart Agro at Agro 2018   Kiev, Ukraina

  • 06-06-2018 ↦ 08-06-2018

CGC Agri at Salon des Agricoltures de Provence   Salon-de-Provence, France

  • 01-06-2018 ↦ 03-06-2018

Carrer at Vite in Campo 2018   Susegana (TV), Italy

  • 25-05-2018 ↦ 26-05-2018

F.lli Guardo at Enopolis fair   Podere Badia - Marsala (TP)

  • 25-05-2018

SAVIC at Novi Sad Agricultural Fair 2018   Novi Sad, Serbia

  • 15-05-2018 ↦ 21-05-2018

Euro Zone at AgriPlanta   Fundulea, Călăraşi (Romania)

  • 17-05-2018 ↦ 20-05-2018

G. Tractor Srl at Toritto fair   Toritto (BA), Italy

  • 13-05-2018

G. Tractor srl at Sant'Eustachio fair   Acquaviva Delle Fonti (BA), Italy

  • 11-05-2018

C.M.A. snc di Sgariglia at "Mostra Agricola Campo Verde"   Aprilia (LT), Italy

  • 25-04-2018 ↦ 01-05-2018

F.lli La Franca at "Giornate dell'Agricoltura 2018"   Valledolmo (PA), Italy

  • 28-04-2018 ↦ 01-05-2018

Pianura at Tarquinia fair 2018   Tarquinia (VT), Italy

  • 27-04-2018 ↦ 01-05-2018

Fertimon at Arborea exhibition   Arborea (OR), Italy

  • 28-04-2018 ↦ 29-04-2018

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