Vigneto Largo TIIIB

With a minimum overall size ranging from 1.35m to 1.70m and a wide choice of wheel combinations, from the 24" versions to the 28" ones, this model is ideal for use in both the vineyard and the orchard.

Carraro has decided to equip this model with a 1000mm cab to make the tractor suitable for work in even the narrowest orchards and on slopes, without getting caught up in the vegetation.

The Vigneto Largo is designed for companies that require a highly specialised tractor that can be configured to suit the wide variety of needs typical of specialised agriculture.

The hydraulic system offers various configurations: EI distributors, the deport option for EI parallel control, and the possibility of P.T.O. and front hoist are just some of the many options available.

The Vigneto Largo tractor models are the 75VL, 85VL, 95VL, 105VL and 115VL, with the new high-performance Stage IIIB FPT engine (3,400hp) with electronic injection. Like all the Agricube range, the distinguishing feature of the Vigneto Largo is that the DOC/DPF device is located outside the bonnet; a choice that has helped maintain the compactness and visibility that are so important in a specialised product.

Carraro VL100 cab

Las prestaciones de los tractores Carraro son satisfactorias en tema de comodidad, consumos y utilización.
El habitáculo es cómodo y ofrece mucha visibilidad al campo.
Es adecuado para nuestro trabajo de cultivo de vid para la producción de vino con plantación en espaldera. Nuestros varios implementos se adaptan perfectamente. 

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— Vito, conductor de tractores

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