Great success for Carraro at EIMA

Carraro revolutionises the specialised sector introducing the new Compact and Ibrido models

EIMA 2018 became the perfect showcase event for presenting key new developments in this sector.

Carraro Compact (V and VLB)
For the very first time, the curtain is lifted on a new range which has been highly anticipated by the market, equipped with Deutz Stage V engines ranging from 61 to 75 horsepower, contained within extremely compact dimensions.

A special range, 100% made in Italy: designed and manufactured by Carraro Agritalia in Rovigo, with Carraro axles and transmissions.
Two vehicles in particular were presented the Bologna trade fair, both designed with a structure that is ideal for use among narrow vine plantations and for working inside cultivation tents or under pergolas.

The first new tractor, the Compact V, is truly a unique model that satisfies a requirement that until now has remained unexplored within the specialised sector.
With a minimum width of 1 metre, it is the ideal vehicle for working among very high quality vines planted in very narrow rows.
The new Compact V is characterised by a turning capacity in end-of-row manoeuvres that is comparable with isodiametric tractors, but with the added advantage of greater traction and stability with towed loads.
Furthermore, the wealth of hydraulic equipment makes it particularly suitable for cultivations with a high degree of mechanisation - a professional vehicle which offers high levels of performance.

The second tractor from the new range to be exhibited at EIMA is the Compact VLB, designed for working inside cultivation tents and under pergolas or semi-pergolas.
This machine features a very low centre of gravity, allowing for a lowered driving position and a bonnet that is much less high than the sector average. In addition, the fenders can be adjusted in accordance with the radius of the rear wheel.
Thanks to the short wheelbase and a careful study of the overall steering space needed, this tractor is highly manoeuvrable and precise when turning at the end of the row.
Although it is called Compact, this tractor can be compared with higher range models thanks to the extensive choice of equipment available.

As already announced in recent weeks, EIMA 2018 is the event selected for the launch of the new Carraro Ibrido tractor, a machine that is set to win not one but two accolades from FederUnacoma - the EIMA 2018 Technical Innovation Award and the EIMA Blue Award for environmentally-friendly solutions.

This vehicle was created to respond to the needs of a market where demand for machines fitted with engines that slash both emissions and fuel consumption is on the rise. These solutions meet environmental sustainability requirements on the one hand, whilst improving the efficiency and productivity of the tractors themselves on the other.

The name of the "Ibrido" model has deliberately been left in Italian, because once again this project is entirely the fruit of the work carried out at the Carraro R&D centres in Campodarsego and Rovigo, and is 100% Made in Italy - just like all of the tractors conceived, designed and manufactured at the Carraro Agritalia facility.

In order to make the difference between the new model and the current range clear, a special livery was selected for the Concept, with the roof and inside of the wheel rims in a pearly white colour, with bright green metallic bodywork. The chrome Carraro logo and the word "Ibrido" in bright red complete the model. An eco-friendly touch of elegance.

Technically speaking, this new Carraro Tractors vehicle represents a real turning point in the agricultural mechanisation of specialised tractors.
The tractor, which at first sight appears more or less identical to a conventional 105 HP machine, is based on a complex parallel-type architecture. The internal combustion engine and the electrical motor are used for the mechanical propulsion of the tractor, via a traditional 24 + 24 synchronised mechanical transmission.

The combination of the engine and the electric motor enables the power delivered to be optimised in accordance with the various operations to be performed by the tractor.

More specifically, operators can choose whether they wish to work in:
- pure electric mode: for use inside closed structures, greenhouses and stables or for municipal applications
- diesel only: for road transportation or when not carrying/towing heavy loads
- hybrid: for transport operations when towing or carrying loads, or for heavy PTO operations

With this architecture, the auxiliary systems are managed by dedicated electric motors, which serves to further streamline usage.

The new hybrid system will:
- reduce fuel consumption
- slash emissions to zero (in full electric mode)
- enable greater productivity
- reduce maintenance costs (due to reduced use of the internal combustion engine)
- preserve the quality of crops (thanks to reduced Co2 emissions)
- decrease noise levels and vibrations

Each of these elements will serve to significantly improve the quality of life of those who will be driving this vehicle in the near future.
A winning design choice, which - not by coincidence - received two important awards from FederUnacoma at EIMA: the EIMA 2018 Technical Innovation Award and the EIMA Blue Award for environmentally-friendly solutions.

Agricube IIIB range

Alongside these two important new additions to the Carraro Tractors range, space has also been found on the stand for three models from the well-established Agricube IIIB range:

- a VLB (Vigneto Largo Basso) 105 with Low Profile cab - as the name suggests, this vehicle features a lowered profile for working inside cultivation tents, with an overall minimum width of 1350 mm, and is designed to meet increasingly specialised agricultural requirements.

- a VL (Vigneto Largo) 115 with cab, a tractor specifically designed for use with high-density espalier crops,with an overall width of less than 1400 mm and a cab width of 1010 mm.

- a F (Frutteto) 95 with cab, an extremely versatile machine which is both compact and stable, making it suitable for operations on the farm as well as for handling and transportation applications.


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