Kick off of the Carraro Tractors "Viaggio in Italia"

Rovigo, 15th June 2021 - The Carraro Tractors "Viaggio in Italia" (A Journey along Italy) started yesterday in Carraro Agritalia in Rovigo. This is an initiative that will bring a fleet of 10 “Three Horses” tractors to touch 13 different regions in 30 event-stages in the next 5 months.

This new project comes at the end of a long period, which lasted over a year, in which it was really difficult to meet dealers and customers, due to the cancellation or postponement of every fair and event that required the presence of the public.

Today, in the frame of a decidedly different situation, Carraro Tractors has decided to go out to meet people, promoting an original initiative to rediscover a direct relationship with its audience.

Each stage of the journey will see the dealers of the “Three Horses” brand as protagonists who will organize, each in their own area, a day-event of field or between-the-rows tests.

Within this route, the Carraro Tractor caravan will also stop in Mombaruzzo (Asti) on July 1 to attend the Enovitis in Campo fair. The trip will end at the end of October with a final event at the Carraro headquarters in Poggiofiorito (Chieti).

To accompany this unprecedented initiative in the best possible way, it was decided to rely on the artist Fabio Vettori, from Trentino Region, known for his famous "ants". Vettori has well interpreted the spirit of the Journey by drawing a lively Italy in color, rich in details and tractors, as well as a series of monographic tables relating to the main stages of the tour. All this has also found life in some nice t-shirts and colored posters, but above all it has been applied to a Compact VLB that has already become a cult tractor.


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